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The shared center the scientific equipment "Monocrystal diffractometric system SMART APEX II with the CCD-detector"

About the center
The shared center the scientific equipment "Monocrystal diffractometric system SMART APEX II with the CCD-detector " is set up in 2009 on basic of Vernadsky Institute of General and Inorganic chemistry NAS Ukraine, IGIC NASU, (the order № 8а from 24.03.2009).
Basis of the Center is new monocrystal diffractometric system SMART APEX II (Bruker AXS) which is got by the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine and is transmitted to IGIC NASU. It has allowed both to satisfy requirements of the Institute for X-ray diffraction studies, and to grant access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment to other of interested establishments of NAS Ukraine.
Due to purchase of the unit with a diffractometer of low-temperature equipment Cobra Cryostream 700 Series (producer - Oxford Cryosystems) the opportunity exists to investigate samples in the temperature interval of 80-400 K. Presence of the oscillator of nitrogen NitroFlow Lab Cryo (producer - Parker Filtration and Separation B.V.) in the unit which separates air nitrogen by membrane method, makes system independent of presence of the liquefied nitrogen.

The equipment
Monocrystal diffractometer SMART APEX II is equipped with острофокусной with ceramic X-ray tube Siemens KFF MO 2K-90 with the molybdenic anode, power of 2 kw. The graphitic monochromator is toned on doublet Kα (λ=0.71073 Å). The device is completed with two high-speed dampers and a monocapillary collimator (d=0.5 mm). Speed and accuracy 3-кружного a goniometer provides reception of the given orientation of a single crystal and allows{clears} to obtain quality given by methods ω- and φ- scannings.
State-of-the-art two-dimensional matrix detector APEX II provides data acquisition with a relationship signal / noise 10/1. Characteristics of the detector are given in the table.

The basic technical data of detector APEX II
CCD matrix Fairchild 486 4K CCD
Amount of pixels 4096 x 4096 (16 megapixels)
Size of a reacting region 62 mm x 62 mm
Size of pixels of a matrix 15m x 15 m
The factor of increase 1:1
Quantum yield 170 electron / X-ray photon (Mo)
Reading speed Reading speed amount of ports - 4; frequency of the tire 4 MHz
Relationship signal - noise for one X-ray photon (Mo) > > 10:1

Presence of low-temperature prefix Cobra Cryostream 700 Series allows to carry out an experiment over the range temperatures 80-400 K, that enables to investigate phase changes in single crystals, and also considerably to apply the brakes thermal oscillations of atoms which in some cases result to disordered structures. Besides cooling by a stream of nitrogen enables to investigate structure of crystals which for the different reason are nonresistant under routine conditions. The basic technical data of low-temperature equipment are given in table.

The basic technical data of low-temperature prefix Cobra Cryostream 700 Series
Temperature range 80-400 K
Accuracy ±0.1 K
Cooling time to temperature 100 K 30 min
Rate of flow of the refrigerated nitrogen 5-10 l/min

Scientific researches of the Center the structures directed on studying and properties of various crystal materials, in particular:
  • Determination of a molecular structure new inorganic, coordination and organometallic compounds;
  • Studying character of the intramolecular and intermolecular interactions in crystals;
  • Researches molecular and crystalline structure of nonresistant crystals under routine conditions;
  • Low-temperature (80-300 К) X-ray diffraction studies.

REMARKS: Monocrystal diffractometer SMART APEX II intended for research of extremely monocrystal samples by sizes from 0.1 up to 0.5 mm in each direction. The center is not engaged in diffraction researches of nanoparticles, powders and substances in an amorphous state.
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